Trying to land your perfect job all starts with composing a brilliant CV. However, even if you have the right experience, small mistakes can let you down and mean that you don’t even make the “Maybe” pile. Make sure this isn’t you by reading our top tips below:

1.    Miss Price or Mrs Price?

Check the title and name of the person you are addressing your CV to is correct – you can do this either by using the nursery’s website or checking LinkedIn.

Then, check and check again! This is your first chance to make a good impression and is easy to get right.

2.     Use spellchecker

After you have typed your CV, use spellchecker to weed out any spelling and grammar mistakes that you might have missed the first time around.

3.    Don’t waffle

Recruiters will not have the time to read five page CVs. In fact, having an excessively long CV will make you more likely not to be considered for the job! Keep yours to a maximum of two pages in length.

4.    Know your key words

Repeat key words from the original job advert. Key words are qualities that the recruiter is looking for in their ideal candidate, for example “team player” and “passionate about childcare”.

5.    Tell the truth

Don’t exaggerate your work experience or make up jobs you’ve never really had.  Recruiters now do routine background checks and there’s every chance they will ask you about your previous job during the interview process.

6.    Use spellchecker once again!

7.    Check your formatting

 Be consistent with the font, size, and spacing you use. If you use a professional looking and easy to read template format for your CV - this will impress recruiters more.

8.    Highlight accomplishments

Rather than saying “I worked in a childcare setting”, highlight what you accomplished by spending time in the job. For instance, “...I supported the Room Manager in planning the curriculum and looking at reflective practice” or “...I developed two activities per day for pre-school children”.

9.    Check your contact information

Make sure you have all your key contact information clearly visible and double check it is all correct....It could literally mean getting a call about the job or not!

10.  Don’t undervalue other experience

At the end of your CV, make sure you include details of any hobbies you have, any charity work you do or societies you belong to. This will show the recruiter that you are hard working, caring and a team player.



Use our CV templates to help you:

Previous experience of childcare

No experience of childcare or unemployed

Finally, get someone you trust such as a teacher, parent, or friend to proofread the final version of your CV before you send it. They may be able to pick up on mistakes you hadn’t noticed before. Good luck! 



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