You have been thinking recently that you would like a job in childcare. What’s holding you back? Quite simply, you do not have the job experience the recruiter is looking for.

You may be considering a change of career, you may just have finished school, or you may be unemployed.  But this doesn’t need to stop you landing your dream job! We look at some top tips for tailoring your CV to the job you really want.

First steps

Print out the job description and put it in front of you. Using a highlighter to pick out the key skills and requirements from the job advert. For example:

-      Ability to communicate well with adults and children

-      Ability to work as part of a team

-      Possess a level of general computer literacy with a range of IT skills.

-      Good organisational skills

Once you have a list of the key skills, you can use these very same words to change you CV so that it includes the qualities that the recruiter is looking for. Don’t overdo it though - and always make sure you back up each quality or skill with a relevant example.

Transferable skills

You may never have worked in childcare before, but without you even realising it you already have the key skills that the make you perfect for the job. For instance, you may be a team player – which is a crucial part of working in childcare.

To make sure the recruiter does not miss this, you can group your CV into “Headlines” such as “Organisational skills”, “Team working skills” etc. Then, beneath each heading you can give an example of situations where you have demonstrated this ability. For instance:

Organisational skills

-      Helped organise a school trip for 30 pupils to China to walk the Great Wall for charity

-      Volunteered to pick up litter at the beach

-      Was in charge of marketing and putting up leaflets for the school summer fair

Team working skills

-      Play hockey matches every week as part of the local U17’s team

-      Was first team home in school orienteering challenge

-      Active member of school committee

Find out more information

Make sure you have as much information as possible about the job you are applying for, as some websites only show shortened versions of the job description. You may be able to go to the company’s own website to see this or alternatively download the full person description.

Don’t list jobs by date

List jobs by relevancy, not by date. For instance, if you currently work part time in a post office and shop, but a year ago you worked as a nanny and volunteered for an after school club – list these jobs first. This will catch the eye of the person looking at your CV and will make you more memorable to them.

Ask an industry professional

If you really want to know what you need to put in your CV to give it an edge – ask an industry professional what experiences and examples they look for when taking on someone new. If you don’t know someone that already works in childcare, read our article about what a nursery manager looks for when employing new staff. 

Once you have prepared your CV, browse our list of childcare jobs for free!



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