Just over 14 months ago, quadruplet girls made history when they were born from the same embryo, and now they are celebrating the start of nursery.

Thought to be the first quads born from the same embryo, Darcy, Caroline, Elisha and Alexis weighed just 10lb between them. Going into hospital at just 24 weeks, mum was suffering from breathlessness; however doctors managed to keep the pregnancy under control until the 30 week mark when they were born by Caesarean section.

They will now be attending Busy Bees Nursery in the grounds of Rotherham Hospital in South Yorks, which is the same hospital they were cared for after their birth in March of last year.

Dad Justin, said; “The girls all really enjoyed the first half day at the nursery and it will be so exciting when they start there full-time.

"They were good as gold, as we knew they would be.

"These girls were ten weeks premature and so any milestone for them is huge for us. We are just so proud."

The nursery itself seems as excited to welcome the children, with nursery manager Helen Smith saying, “We are happy to be welcoming the gorgeous sisters at the nursery.”


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