Some nurseries and childminders will be reluctant to embrace management software or the internet to help them run their setting, especially if they have always relied on paper invoices and hand written notes to manage their requirements. But are you giving parents the best service possible by doing this?

We explore the different ways that software can help you to improve the relationship you have with parents – and help take away the stress of some of the daily challenges you experience in the process.

Save your voice...invoice!

Many parents have a busy schedule and will miss payments to you periodically if you always send them paper invoices. They certainly won’t have the time to speak with you about late fees when they pick up their children! By sending them electronic invoices, you have a record of how much is owed to you (which importantly cannot be lost). If you ask parents to set up a direct debit to settle their nursery fees as well, you will have peace of mind that you will always be paid on time.

Made to measure medical notes

Using management software like Abacus enables you to have a permanent record of a child’s medication and allergies which is quickly accessible by staff in an emergency. If you keep this type of important information on a secure communication platform like Parent Portal, parents can tell you as soon as they spot any errors, request changes to be made to their child’s information or book extra sessions in their own time.

Wonderful websites

Having your own nursery website is a great way to showcase your setting to new and existing parents. Your website can include stunning galleries of children’s artwork, or photographs from the exciting events at your setting. Considering many new parents will find childcare providers in their local area using an internet search, can you afford for your nursery not to show in online search results?

Keeping the connection with social media

According to statistics published by socialmediatoday.com, half the population of the UK now have a Facebook account, and 15 million people have a Twitter account. Creating a social media account is free – and you can enhance your relationship with parents by keeping them up to date what their child is getting up to during the day as it happens. This brings parents a sense of comfort and closeness to their child that is easy for some nurseries to overlook.

Remarkable report management

How organised will you look to parents, if you struggle to find key information like the availability of future places at your setting? Are you able to quickly put your hands on the names of parents who owe you money? What about juggling staff ratios with holidays?

Using nursery management software enables you to do away with mountains of messy paperwork and access finance-based, staff-based, or child-based reports to give you a detailed insight into every area of your business. They’re pre-made and ready to run whenever you need them.



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