Children at the Portico Kindergarten nursery in Ormskirk, Lancashire have become proud parents to a family of blue tits which have taken up residence in a bird box they set up.

Everyone was amazed when the parents took to the box and made a nest, which staff and youngsters had been monitoring via CCTV. They were delighted to find out that the female had laid seven eggs.

A video link has enabled the children to watch as the eggs hatched, and the movements of the chicks have been monitored.

Jane Waterson, nursery manager, said: “We have had the bird CCTV for about three years now and we have always had visits from different birds over the years but we were amazed when a blue tit decided to lay seven eggs in the box. The children have been so excited, it's amazing.

”The youngsters and the staff have done lots of research on blue tits, finding out how they live, what they like and how long it takes for the eggs to hatch....[they] have learned so much from this experience.

Jane added that the children love to sit outside and watch mum and dad flying out of the box to find food for the chicks.

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