Acorn childcare has become one of the first nursery groups in the UK to receive a new national award for excellence in children’s food and nutrition.

Located throughout Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire, they achieved the Children’s Food Trust Award, a new accreditation scheme designed to help schools and early years settings show their commitment to helping children eat well.

Acorn Childcare met tough criteria in regards to their food policy, menus, dining experience of the children, staff training, and opportunities for children to learn and how well the children are encouraged by staff to eat healthily.

Quality Manager at Acorn, Clare Bayliss said;

“We have always believed in providing freshly prepared meals of the highest quality, and by working towards this award meant that we could check with the experts that we were doing things correctly.”

They will now continue to work alongside the Children’s Food Trust to ensure they maintain the remarkable standards they have achieved.

Rob Rees MBE, professional chef and Chair of the Children’s Food Trust, said:

“When parents are choosing a school or nursery, we always want to know what the food is like. We want to know our kids will be getting great food and that they’ll be encouraged to eat well.

“This award gives parents that peace of mind. It’s a clear sign that children are getting a great foundation for a healthy start and Acorn Childcare sets a great example. Congratulations to the whole team, we’re delighted to welcome you on board as one of our first award winners in the East of England.”

How do your settings address food and healthy diet? How important do you think it is for our children to learn about a healthy diet from an early age?


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