A recent survey carried out amongst Scottish nurseries found that 100% of the managers believed children benefit from a male role model, and with only 2% of staff currently working in childcare being male, is there a need to encourage their involvement more?

The Childcare Management Company (CMC) based in Greenlock, has secured a new partner in Youth in Partnership (YIP) with the plan to address this specific issue.

The ‘Early Learning and Childcare – ‘All About Men’ Programme was launched on Friday 23 May 2014. The hope is to encourage young men, initially in the area of East Ayrshire, to consider a career in childcare.

In partnership with Youth in Partnership, Childcare Management Company will provide fully funded modern apprenticeship training. Taking a sample of 5 young males initially, they will participate in a 12 month SVQ Level 3 in Social Services (Children and Young People) to kick start their careers in childcare with YIP World.

Janice Hendry of Youth in Partnership has noted;

“yipworld is delighted to be associated with the Childcare Management Company, who are renowned for consistently delivering  high standards of quality training for today's employment market.

“Childcare Management Company is currently providing SVQ assessment level 5 to four young women employed by yipworld and welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the gender imbalance in the sector and within our organisation. As such, we wholeheartedly endorse this innovative Early Learning and Childcare – ‘All About Men’ Programme and look forward to assisting participants achieve qualifications recognised by the care sector.

“It is widely recognised that children and young people benefit from male role models and this is the perfect opportunity to monitor and evaluate this area of research as well as create employment opportunities.”

Managing Director, Bernie Devlin of Childcare Management Company has said;

“We are delighted to form this partnership with YIP and offer a real alternative career option to young men.

“The fact that everyone involved in Early Learning and Childcare agrees that children benefit from a strong male role model comes as no surprise, particularly when some young children have limited access to men in their life.

“Many early years providers and managers also see other potential advantages in employing more male members of staff as there is a view that not only is this something which families want, there is also a strong feeling that an increase in the number of male staff would give their establishments an edge over local competitors, who decide to keep their workforce exclusively female.” 

Is your setting involved in any partnerships of a similar nature? How important do you think a positive role model can be to a child’s development? 

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