This part of your CV gives you an opportunity to show the recruiter what your interests outside of work are. At the same time, it is also a chance to show them a skill or quality transferable to the job you are applying for, such as creativity or ability to work as part of a team.

If you are going to include these, do not simply put boring and irrelevant hobbies such as “reading” or “going to the cinema”. These do not give the recruiter many clues about your personality! Instead, make this part of your CV count using the examples below.


If you regularly attend a sports club such as hockey, football, or netball this is an easy way to show the recruiter that you work well as part of a team. You will need to show you have good team working skills for almost any job you apply for, be it in childcare or any other industry. It will also show that you have high energy levels – another quality which will serve you will for a job in childcare.

What it shows about you – Team player, active, motivated

Charity/Volunteer work

You do not need to look very far for examples of charity work. If you have ever taken part in Race for Life, or raised money for Sports Relief, include this under on your CV. It shows that you are capable of showing compassion towards people more vulnerable than yourself. This is a very desirable quality for someone that works in childcare!

What it shows about you – Caring, sympathetic, selfless


If you belong to a society like Girl Guides, or an environmental club – you should include this on your application. This shows you like making a difference in your local community and also that you are passionate about driving forward a worthwhile cause with a group of like minded individuals. In many ways, working in a childcare setting draws upon both of these qualities.

What it shows about you – Responsible, active in the community, team player

Unusual hobbies

You should not be afraid of including slightly unique or unusual hobbies on your application – for example sailing, crocheting, climbing or horse riding. These will make you more memorable to the person reading your CV and will make a good talking point for when you get an interview.

Things to remember

  • Do not spend too much time listing your leisurely pursuits, 3- 4 should suffice.
  • Be truthful about your interests, to avoid any potential embarrassment at interview stage
  • Don’t rely on your hobbies and interests to try to “save” a badly written CV.

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