There is immense pressure on young adults nowadays to stay on in education, take A -levels and go onto to university, racking up thousands of pounds worth of debt in the process. The worst part? There is no magic formula which states that if you have a degree you will get a job. In fact, a quarter of graduates are still looking for a job a whole year after graduating!

But what if someone said that you could get the childcare job you wanted, and get paid to gain valuable qualifications recognised throughout the industry? An apprenticeship lets you do just that; and for 16 year olds, your training costs are fully paid for by the government.

Reason #1 Earn money

At present, the law states that if you are in school, you can only leave education when you turn 17. This will change to 18 next year. However, an apprenticeship is a good way of getting out of school earlier and earning money by following a career you are passionate about. You could even use your wage to save for driving lessons, or build up a deposit to get your own place!

Reason #2 Get ahead

Leaving school and taking on a childcare apprenticeship aged 16 means that you have a head start on your friends who have chosen to carry on at school. Put another way: you will be at least 5 years ahead in your career by the time your peers graduate from university and start searching for their first job!

Reason #3 Get mentored

One of the great benefits of doing an apprenticeship is that you will be supported by experienced, knowledgeable people in your industry that you can learn from. When you start training in a nursery you will be constantly supervised, so you will never feel out of your depth.

Reason #4 Long term prospects

According to apprenticeships.org.uk, two-thirds (64%) of apprentices will stay with the same employer having finished their apprenticeship training. This means you can build a long term career with the people you have come to be familiar with and in a childcare setting you have come to know well.

Reason #5 Who needs a degree?

Lord Alan Sugar, businessman and media personality and Delia Smith, famous chef and author are two great examples of people who left school at 16 and made a success of their lives. If it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for you too...

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