Learning a new skill or gaining sought after qualifications need not mean having to sit in a stuffy classroom all day. If you have thought about a career working with children and want to earn money at the same time, an apprenticeship could well be your route to your dream job!

What is it?

An apprenticeship is a work based training programme, leading to nationally recognised qualifications within the industry. If you are aged 16-18, your apprenticeship will be fully funded by the government.

What benefits are there?

The advantage of doing a childcare apprenticeship is that you earn whilst you learn. The average wage for an apprentice is about £170 per week but this can increase depending on your age and experience.

As an apprentice, you will be supervised when you care for children. This means you can gain the hands on experience you need to be able to do the job in the future, without the worry of being left alone.

You will also gain qualifications which will make you more employable in the childcare industry. Employers value apprenticeships, so with some hard graft and dedication you could rise through the ranks very quickly.

Who is it for?

Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16, living in England and not in full time education.

A childcare apprenticeship is perfect for people who want to work in childcare settings or childcare services. You main job role will involve playing with children, and making sure they stay healthy and happy. You will also support their physical and emotional development.

You will need to have a sense of responsibility to pursue a job in childcare – and have plenty of energy so that you can keep up with the demands of caring for young children. You will be perfect for the role if you are enthusiastic and eager to learn.

How does it work?

Usually, a childcare apprentice will work full time in a setting such as a nursery. As you study for your qualification, you will be also be observed by an assessor in your place of work from time to time.

What sort of jobs roles would suit an apprenticeship?

  • A nursery assistant
  • A playgroup assistant
  • An early years’ worker

Or other job roles which involve working supervised with under 5’s.

What could I do next?

Once you have finished your apprenticeship training, there is scope for you to be able to progress to a more advanced role with more responsibility – for instance from nursery assistant to room leader and then nursery manager. You may also wish to branch out and start up your own childminding business. In addition, there will also be opportunities to take on higher qualifications and training.

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