Many people will worry about the impression they make on their first day in a new job. This fear can be exacerbated when you are a school leaver and have no previous experience of work! We have put together our top tips to make sure you finish your first day confident that you have done everything you can to impress your new employer...

 Arrive on time

Before your first day, find out exactly where you will be travelling to and roughly how long it will take you get there. Allow 20 minutes extra time for unforeseen difficulties, such as your train being delayed. You should also make sure you have a contact telephone number of someone at the nursery that you can notify if you think you will be late due to circumstances out of your control.

Take pride in your appearance

The night before your first day on the job, lay out fresh, clean clothes at the end of your bed ready for you to change into in the morning. This will stop you panicking about what to wear when you wake up. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to shower, brush your teeth and comb your hair. Check your appearance in the mirror before you leave the house and think about whether you give the right impression to a new employer.

 Have breakfast

There will be a lot of information to take in on your first day, so you will need your energy! If you are not a fan of eating first thing in the morning, have something small like a piece of toast and orange juice. Studies show that people who eat breakfast kick start their metabolism quickly– which means that you will not feel so sluggish and will be able to concentrate on what you need to learn on your first day.


...Even if your train was delayed, there was torrential rain, and then the sole of your shoe broke. It only takes people just 7 seconds to judge someone they meet for the first time, so make sure you enter your new place of work with a smile on your face, regardless of how you really feel!

 Put your phone away

You will hopefully be so busy that you won’t even have the time to look at it! When you arrive at the nursery and put your belongings away, keep your phone in your bag and only check on it when you are on a break. If people are trying to talk to you, you will make a bad impression if your eyes are always on your phone screen.

 If you don’t understand, say so

It can be tempting on your first day to nod and say yes to everything you’re being told; but if you really don’t understand what is being explained to you then you should say so straight away! No one will think you are stupid if you don’t get something the first time around – and it’s better to say something now that wait a few months down the line when you will be expected to know the ropes.

Don’t voice your opinions straightaway

Once you have settled in, people won’t mind you voicing your opinion if you have constructive feedback on how changes could be made for the better – particularly if your idea can save your setting time or money. However, during your first few days you should concentrate on trying to learn everything you can about the current way people are used to doing things, before you make your suggestions.

 Ask questions

You can show your interest in what your colleagues are saying by asking relevant questions when they are showing you something new. They will enjoy that you are keen to learn as much as you can about all the aspects of your new job and will also appreciate the opportunity to be able to share their knowledge with you.

 Assist colleagues

If you see one of your colleagues struggle to do something, don’t just ignore them - offer to help. You will make a great impression and will bond very quickly with your fellow team members. You may even learn something in the process which you may not otherwise have had the chance to find out!

 Don’t rush out the door

When finishing time rolls around, don’t be the first person to hot foot it out the door. Stay behind and ask the nursery manager if you can help with anything extra. You will instantly earn a gold star for your efforts even if there’s nothing more to be done for the day. You can leave on your first day knowing you have done everything possible to show your new team your best side!

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