Childcare providers have headaches all of their own – calculating free entitlement, invoicing parents, working out child ratios, keeping track of registers and daily checks. On top of all of this, you want to provide the highest quality of care to your children in a stimulating and safe environment.

So how do you manage to keep all the plates in the air without having it all come crashing down on you?

You can cut down on the mountains of paperwork you have to tackle every week and also become more efficient in the process. Here’s how:

1. Invoice parents electronically

Management software like Abacus allows you to calculate fees and send electronic invoices to parents detailing how much they owe. The amount adjusts automatically based on a child’s attendance, taking into consideration any discounts applicable. More importantly, electronic invoicing stops parents being able to blame losing or misplacing a piece of paper as the reason for not paying you on time!

2. Type up key information

Hand written records of children’s allergies and other key information can get lost, damaged or thrown away accidentally. Typing up this information into a central software database will ensure you have a permanent record. Our software is based on a similar platform as online banking, so you can safely store sensitive information about each child without worry.

3. Let technology take care of free entitlement

If numbers become a blur to you when you try to put pen to paper, and you suffer from accounts headaches - you will definitely benefit from using management software to calculate free entitlement. You can give yourself peace of mind that you have charged each parent accurately too.

4. Move away from hand written records

If you keep hand written records about your children and need to make a change, you may find yourself having to rewrite several other related records too. Using Abacus, you can make changes to one record and the software will automatically update all the other necessary records for you.

5. Use an online diary

Using an online diary to record things like children’s birthdays, business holidays, and school terms rather than writing it down allows you to quickly shuffle dates around when you need to, and set up alerts and reminders so you never forget important events.

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