If your child is considering their options after school and enjoys working with children; then a childcare apprenticeship could be the perfect solution for them to combine learning with hands on experience of work in a safe and supportive environment.

Not many people know that an apprenticeship does counts towards the legal requirement of “staying in education” (as an alternative to sixth form or college).

Here are some of the benefits of doing a childcare apprenticeship:

1. Hands on experience of work

The fundamental benefit of doing a childcare apprenticeship is that your child gets first-hand experience of the working world. They will quickly learn to be punctual, respectful to people in positions of authority and develop their team working skills. All of these qualities will be critical for any job they want moving forward.

 2. Combine earning and learning

Not many jobs support your learning at the same time as you work. An apprenticeship is perfect for school leavers because it blends work and study together; so your child can apply elements of what they have learnt during the childcare course to their work environment.

 3. Becoming financially independent

What parent doesn’t want their child to stop relying on the bank of mum and dad? Childcare apprenticeships allow your child to start earning money from day 1, which means soon they will be able to support themselves and learn to budget for what they need. It also means your child will learn the value of money, by realising they need to work hard to get paid each month.

4. Fully funded training

If your child is 16-18 when they start their apprenticeship, their training costs are fully covered by the government. This means that they do not need to find any money to pay for their apprenticeship course.

 5. Valued qualifications

Childcare apprenticeship qualifications are well recognised and valued throughout industry. They will make your child more employable in the future if they decide to work for another nursery or childcare setting. They would also be qualified to branch out into other areas of childcare, like starting their own childminding business.

 6. Support and assistance

Not only will your child receive support from more experienced staff members at their place of work, they will be assigned an assessor by a training provider to help them pass their course. The training provider will work with your child and their employer to address any issues or concerns they have whilst they are studying.

7. Career progression options

Whilst a childcare apprentice will start on the bottom rung of a nursery, when they have finished their apprenticeship and with a bit of hard work - they will be able to progress to more senior positions like room supervisor or deputy nursery manager.

 8. Working with children

If you child has always enjoyed spending time with young children, then working in a nursery or playgroup will be a great way for them to spend every day doing something they love. Childcare is a vocation, so being passionate about childcare is important.

9. Develop management skills

Doing a childcare apprenticeship will allow your child to develop their planning and management skills. They can involve themselves in the planning activities of the room leader and take on more responsibility as their confidence and knowledge grows.

 10. Equivalent grades

Childcare apprenticeships are a good way of your child demonstrating their academic ability, as they translate into equivalent grades. For instance, an intermediate apprenticeship is equivalent to 5 GCSEs and an advanced apprenticeship is equivalent to 2 A-Levels.

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