Children at Busy bees Nursery put their nursery days behind them, receiving diplomas during their very first graduation ceremony.

Saying farewell to their young students, staff at Busy Bees made sure they went out with a bang, with a party, lots of games and a graduation.
52 children took to the podium one by one, proudly wearing their graduation caps, all receiving a certificate with messages and best wishes from the teachers, all with their parents in attendance.

Danielle Scott, senior room manager at Busy Bees said, “It’s something we do every year because a lot of these children have been here since they were babies”

“We like to give them a send-off.”

“There was a face-painting gazebo and we had a party. They were all dressed up so we had princesses and many Spidermen and Supermen. It took a lot of planning but the children were involved and they helped to make the graduation hats.”

“They are all going off to 10 or more different schools so some of them probably won’t see as much of each other. So it was nice for them to spend time together.”

To mark their time at the nursery a pear tree was planted and with the activities taking place last Wednesday afternoon the festivities were the perfect transition into their primary school days.

The graduation proved emotional for the staff at the nursery having taken care of the children, some for four years.
“It was emotional for us,”

“We gave out certificates and all the staff wrote on them how they would remember the children. It was a very proud moment when the children individually went to the podium and said they loved Busy Bees. It was really nice to see them all confident. It just builds their self-esteem.”

“It won’t kick in until they’ve all left – some are staying until a bit later in July. It was a happy time for everyone and we could see they were all happy and confident to fly the nest.”

Is it important to provide a send off for the children in your settings? If not for them but for the staff as well?

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