There are so many providers of nursery management software in the market place; it can often be hard to know where to turn to.  Many companies will shout about how great their product is, but the challenge is knowing who you can trust to deliver on their promises.

We are very proud of our management software products, which have been developed in line with feedback from the people who use it in their nursery setting every day.  We’ve even won a Nursery Management Today Award for innovation in 2005 and to date we are the only software provider to have achieved this!

So what makes our software “award winning”?

1. We come up with solutions  

As a childcare provider, we know exactly the struggles you face: whether it be trying to balance costs, calculate free entitlement, or ensure you adhere to the strict regulations set down by the government. We visit childcare settings on a daily basis and our people know exactly what gives you the biggest headaches. Our software has been developed to provide solutions to your everyday problems.

2. We provide you with  exceptional customer service

Parenta won the “Best Commitment to Customer Service” at the Best of Business Awards, which shows we provide exceptional customer support for our products.  Our friendly and professional team know that nursery staff will take time to get up to speed with using new software, and even when you are up and running, that you may still need help. They are on hand to assist you 12 hours per day, Monday to Friday, and even offer a guaranteed working hour response to any query.

3. We save you time and money

Our Abacus software saves you hours each week, by reducing the time it takes to complete core administration. Abacus simplifies all your tasks into one easy-to-use system. Invoicing, calculating free entitlement, managing staff ratios: our software takes care of the lot and allows you to get back to providing quality childcare.

4. We understand the issues you face every day

Many of the people who work for us behind the scenes - from our IT team to our marketing department - have had first-hand experience of working in, or running a childcare setting.  This makes us unlike any other business, in that we can understand the problems you face much more easily.

5.  We’re not in it to make a quick buck

We haven’t worked all these years to develop a product that we sell to you, to then close our doors. “Helping those who care for children” is the model for our business and we remain committed to identifying and solving the industry’s problems with innovative technology for many years to come.

6. We are a company of first’s and only’s

We were the first company to develop online solutions to Nursery Management Software and the only one to win an NMT ward. Constant innovation is one of the core pillars of what Parenta do and we want to always be ahead of our competitors by delivering cutting edge solutions.

7. We’ve been doing this a long time!

Parenta was born 14 years ago, so we’ve had time a long to think about and develop all our products and services to meet your expectations and requirements. Our Abacus product started life as “Babytech”, which we acquired from another company.  We soon realised that it was too basic and did not meet our customer’s needs , so we decided to build a system from the ground up to address this.

8. Our customers rave about our software

We have received many glowing testimonials about how our software has transformed the lives of childcare providers up and down the country.

One of our customers said “It is clear to me that a great deal of thought has gone into the system; it is easy to follow and clearly meets the needs of the nursery.”


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