With online presence becoming increasingly vital to any business, it is now crucial to not only have a website, but have a website that is well designed, professional looking, and engages with the people visiting it. If your childcare website doesn’t have these three qualities, then you are not maximising your opportunity to reach out to as many new parents as possible.

Here we take a look at some of the ways in which your website could be shaming your childcare setting, without you realising:

1.     Your content isn’t updated regularly

Nobody wants to visit a website where the content stays the same. At the very least, you should be updating your website with the latest news and events at your childcare setting, so your visitors stay engaged and keep wanting to come back in the future.

2.     There isn’t a good balance of text and images

Think of your website like a display window in a shop. If it is not visually appealing (for instance, if is too text heavy), people will not take the time to look at it. For maximum impact, you should combine short, snappy paragraphs with a mixture of high quality, vibrant photographs of your childcare setting.

3.     Visitors can’t find what they’re looking for

Consider adding a toolbar to your website to help people navigate their way around your website. When people visit your site, they should immediately be able to spot the “Contact us” page within a few seconds. Even better, add contact details to every page so that visitors can’t miss it.

4.     Your text font is hard to read or unprofessional

Some childcare websites make the mistake of putting “Comic sans” as their chosen font. This is a great font for appealing to young children, but not so great if you want to give visitors the impression that you are a professional childcare provider. Opt instead for font such as Arial or Verdana.

5.     Your web pages take too long to load

You may need to consult a website design service if your pages take too long to load, and the delay is not related to internet connection speed. If it takes more than a few seconds for your web pages to load after they have been clicked on, this can very quickly put visitors off your website and stop them coming back.

6.     You’ve never test driven the website yourself

A good test of website usability is for you to get into the mindset of a new parent looking for some key points of information on your site: for example, fee information and contact details. How quickly were you able to locate this information? Was it clear where you needed to click?

7.     You have spelling mistakes and typos

If you think the odd spelling mistake will fly under the radar...think again. Poor spelling will reflect badly on your childcare setting and will make you appear less professional than you are. Get several people to proofread the content on your website before it is published to pick out any mistakes that you may have missed.

8.     You haven’t linked your website to social media

Many childcare providers underestimate the importance of using social media to promote their service. Having your own social media page, like Facebook, linked to your website enables you to build your network of followers. When you post new content to your website, your followers act as ambassadors by sharing your pictures and updates so you will become visible to more parents.

New to websites? Luckily, our experienced team at Parenta know how to build wonderful childcare websites that will help you engage with new parents. We offer packages to cater for a range of budgets and for a small monthly fee; we can provide assistance every month to help you take care of your website after it has been built too.

What our expert says:

“Having three children of my own I know how important online presence for nurseries can be. Purely being able to explore the nursery through images, parent/child testimonials and seeing how the EYFS is implemented was crucial in my decision making for where I chose as a safe haven for my child. 

Providing parents with a professional looking website will not only demonstrate to them that you take looking after their child seriously, but will also show that you have a good business acumen and therefore will provide a well structured, educational and safe environment for the parent to leave their child.”

Samantha Russell – Website Co-ordinator for Parenta

Our Website Co-ordinator, Samantha


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