After a five month old baby was admitted to a hospital in Ealing West London with convulsions, it was discovered that she had suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of being shaken.

A local authority had been granted responsibility for the child’s care and asked a court to investigate the circumstances under which the child had sustained the injuries.

When delving into the case the courts deemed that the young child had been well cared for by her parents, yet during a "momentary loss of control" their childminder had shaken the baby.

Evidence suggested that the parents could not have "reasonably foreseen" that such an incident would occur but that there was evidence that both the childminder and parents had lied to social workers and police that were investigating the incident.

The Family Division of the High Court in London ruled that the injuries had occurred as a result of the childminder shaking the young infant, and did not indicate any further involvement from the parents.

We were unable to find details regarding the sentencing for the childminder.

What would your ruling be for the childminder based on the evidence given?

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