Pygmy goat’s latest addition to Swimbridge Nursery


Joe and Charlie are the latest kids to arrive at Swallows Day Nursery in Swimbridge, the pair of Pygmy goats were purchased as part of nursery owner, Elaine Griffin’s 60th Birthday present.

Elaines deputy manager and daughter Holly wanted to get her mum something a little different,

“Mum was going over the top for her 60th birthday with a number of parties planned. We thought we have to up the ante here, hence the goats.”

Joe and Charlie have their own enclosure in the playground of the nursery and have been an instant hit with the children who attend. The hope is that they will also help to teach the children to care for animals.

The children have been helping to clean groom and feed the animals, who are said to be quite the escape artists.

Holly said: “Our new fencing proved ineffective, within an hour they got through.”

“I’ve heard it said that goats are nature’s escape artists but there is a limit.”

The goats have even been tested on an assault course set up by the staff, using chairs to get on top of the tables  and the use of the children’s slide, Charlie struggled but with a few treats made it to the finish line.

With a choice of either Pigmy goats or a micro pig, Joe and Charlie were considered the safer option with Holly saying; “We knew with pygmy goats we could do it properly.”

“They’re registered now and I even have a herd number. I feel like a real farmer.”

How important do you think it is for children to be around animals from a young age?


2 thoughts on “Pygmy goat’s latest addition to Swimbridge Nursery

  • August 16, 2014 at 8:10 am

    We own a 30 acre hobby farm and I run my nursery from the basement of the farmhouse, the children being able to access animals and the natural surroundings has proved to be the best source of education you can imagine! The whole curriculum is outside and if someone is feeling a bit under the weather or even a bit grumpy, it soon is forgotten when its time to feed or do something with the animals! Its healthy for body and soul and the imagination it sparks is amazing! We found a spiders web with dew on it and from that we got on to Christmas and lots of amazing words followed – sparkly, tinsel, shiny, pretty, beautiful etc! Animals create a calm atmosphere and every child gains something from them. Planning and observation is amazingly easy too! Even if you cannot have outdoor animals, visiting animals are brilliant and of course, indoor animals – fish, hamster, birds all bring the same excitement and interest!

  • August 12, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    What a fantastic idea to have goats, if you have the space!
    All settings should include aninals, even those (like mine) who have a small garden. We currently have fish and a hamster and in the past have had guinea pigs and fancy rats.
    My other setting, which has a larger garden, had 2 laying chickens for a while but, as the part of the garden in which they were kept also has raised allotment beds, the chickens ate the crops before they had chance to grow. The chickens are now in my home garden and the setting now produces lovely veg and salad, whilst I get 2 fresh eggs every day! I take my children round to my garden to see them, along with my totoises, koi carp, budgies etc now and again!


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