If you’ve been thinking about trying new nursery management software recently, now is the perfect time to do it before the next wave of children arrive in the new term. Using this time productively will allow your staff members to get used to doing things differently before the nursery gets busy again.

Our management software, Abacus, has been developed to address the challenges that nurseries and larger chains face by spending too much time on administration.

Our existing customers have reported that Abacus is really accessible, that staff members find it easy to use and that their planning and preparation during the week has been reduced by 50%. They have also been impressed by the ongoing level of support they receive from our friendly team.

Here are some of the ways Abacus can help transform the way your nursery works:

Staff management

Our management software allows you to store staff information about scheduled training and holidays, as well as manage shift patterns. The system can be tailored so that only certain members of the nursery management team have access to sensitive staff information.

Storing child information

If you want a secure platform to store sensitive information about your children which is backed up by a cloud system, Abacus can provide the ideal solution. It can hold details for an unlimited number of children, including their medical information. A photo can also be added to each child’s profile too.

Carers and extended family

Our management software also includes a facility for adding carer’s details and other emergency contact information. Modern families are complex, so Abacus allows multiple bill payers to be invoiced electronically for childcare if needed.

Monitoring nursery performance

To keep a strict monitor of how well you’re doing, Abacus can provide a weekly occupancy report to update your on your current occupancy levels. It can also produce daily and weekly register reports for you to be able to monitor each child’s attendance.

If you’ve ever struggled to monitor your capacity for Free Entitlement, Abacus can also produce a FE headcount report so you’re never in the dark.

Managing finance

Abacus is an all-in-one solution to help produce electronic invoices to send to parents. It takes care of credit notes, any applicable discounts, childcare vouchers and much more. It can also produce reports to show how much money is owed to you and what has been paid.

Don’t waste any more time, try our nursery management software for yourself today and see what a difference it will make to your childcare setting ahead of the new term!


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