Giving parents a show around of your nursery plays an important part in their decision to choose your setting for their child. Whilst there are many things you can do to win their favour, especially if you have good facilities and friendly staff, you also have a trump card up your sleeve if you use nursery management software. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase this software to parents on a show round!

Explain how everyone’s on the same page

Using software like Abacus, you can highlight to parents that there is consistency across your nursery because all your staff members use one system as single point of contact for keeping track of each child. You can explain how using this management software keeps personal data about each child secure, as well as being able to monitor a child’s attendance and movement through each room.

Showcase parents’ involvement

A recent study published by DfE stated that three out of five pre-school children (aged 0-4) received childcare for economic reasons for instance, to enable parents to work or study. For these parents especially, having updates on their child’s activities throughout the day are a welcome initiative.

Software such as Dayshare allows staff to capture activities, notes, nappy changes and meals throughout a child’s day. Your staff can then personalise and send this information to parents. This allows mums and dads to know exactly how their child is progressing day to day, so they can reinforce and build on their child’s learning and development when at home.

Demonstrate parent access to information

Parent Portal allows parents to have read-only access to information whenever they need it so they can see what sessions have already been booked and what they have booked over the next few months. They can also log in to check that their child’s information is up-to-date, including allergies and medical requirements. They can then notify you quickly if there are any changes of details.

Giving parents a comprehensive view of both your physical and software facilities at your childcare setting will enable them to make an informed decision about where to place their child, and with any luck, you will impress them so much you will become their first choice provider!



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