KBT Kids Day Nursery in Northfleet, Kent opened back in April of this year and has just celebrated receiving a “good” in their first Ofsted inspection.

The surprise inspection was carried out on 14 July and in the report released on 7 August Ofsted noted that, "children are very happy and settled in the nursery".

The report noted that "babies and children form strong bonds and secure emotional attachments, which helps them to gain a strong sense of belonging and well-being."

Nursery owner Katie Ballard said: "Myself and the team are all genuinely delighted that the inspector could identify with the quality of the setting, and that the passion, enthusiasm and fun within the nursery was reflected in the narrative throughout the report.”

"We know that we have a skilled and caring team, engaging with happy, settled children in a safe and well-resourced environment - that’s why we have contented parents, and that’s why my children attend the nursery each day.”

"It is of course encouraging, however, to see these facts reflected in a formal inspection report."

Congratulations to KBT Kids Day Nursery! How much of a relief is it to get those initial inspections out of the way? 

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