Little Angels Nursery in Calne, Wiltshire has been closed and a 37 year old was arrested by police as investigations are carried out at the setting.

Back in May, Ofsted rated the setting as good but on Saturday a woman, who has not been named, was arrested and later bailed and the nursery closed. The nature of the investigation is as yet unknown.

Wiltshire police released the following statement:
“We can confirm that police are conducting an investigation into allegations relating to Little Angels Nursery in Calne.”

“The nursery has been closed by Ofsted and staff from the nursery are in the process of informing all parents of the closure.”

Police have said that they are working “closely with the local authority” and have advised parents that may have concerns to contact social services.

They followed on stating: "We are in the early stages of an investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment further on this matter.”

 Comprehensive screening

The woman, who is yet to be named, was taken to Melksham Police station and later released on bail. Staff at the privately owned nursery were informing parents of the closure.

Nursery owner, Rachel Everitt gave no details other then confirmation that it was not her who had been arrested.

The nursery currently has 78 children on the roll and 9 staff members who had all undergone thorough vetting to ensure their suitability, as confirmed in their recent Ofsted inspection.

Ofsted stated that the owner had implemented, "robust recruitment processes" which ensured staff were able to show "strong knowledge and awareness of the policies and procedures for safeguarding children's welfare and are well trained to deal with safeguarding concerns".

What fears as the nursery owner, or parent of one of the children would you be facing in the backlash of the arrest and closure of the nursery? 

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