We are very pleased to share the news that we have now signed a contract with our charity on the ground, Fields of Life, to commission the build of our second pre-school in Uganda. This is the result of a staggering £23,000 raised, thanks to the efforts of the participants in this year’s Parenta Trust Rally.

Raising this incredible amount of money is a real testament to all the fundraisers, whose tenacity to support this worthy cause saw them organising cake bakes, taking part in quiz nights, running marathons and signing up to our infamous 5 day banger rally.

The nursery itself will be built at Opilitok Primary School in an area called Kaberamaido, in Northern Uganda. The primary school which currently exists there was constructed in 2006 and provides a quality education for 800 pupils.

Once completed, this second pre-school will be able to provide for 150 children under 5. We are also aiming to have every child who attends our pre-school sponsored by someone back in the UK. Giving just £17 per month allows each child to have a uniform and books, two meals a day and of course, an education.

Allan Presland, Managing Director of Parenta, said: “Whilst there is still a lot of work to do to fulfil our commitment to build 10 of these pre-schools over a decade, we are delighted with the progress we have made together so far and would like to say a huge thank you and well done to everyone who has supported our journey.”

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