Whilst you may be apprehensive about recruiting using social media, this is quickly becoming the new hiring trend – with 92% of businesses  reportedly using social media to help find a new staff member last year.

There are over 1.3 billion active users on Facebook, 300 million users on LinkedIn and over a billion users registered on Twitter, so it’s easy to understand why many employers are turning to social media to help them hire. Compared to the traditional recruitment process, using social media is an easy and cost- effective way for childcare businesses to fill their vacancies.

Here are 7 top tips to help you if you are considering recruiting socially:

1) Sign up to social media

This may sound obvious, but you need to create a company profile on Facebook and have a following of staff members, parents and friends before you post a job vacancy. Ditto for LinkedIn and Twitter.  Encourage lots of people to join your group by letting them know about it in newsletters, on bulletin boards and on your website.

2) Plan your target

Find out where professionals from your industry are hanging out, and what platforms they are using to exchange information. For example, if you were advertising for a young nursery assistant, you might try Facebook; whereas if you wanted to recruit a nursery manager or a graduate, LinkedIn would be better bet.

3) Get current staff on board

Encourage internal staff to take part in the recruitment process.  Ask current employees to share the job vacancy with friends and family on their own social media pages. That way, you are reaching out to more people and the post is more likely to be seen by someone suitable for the role.

4) Make your values clear

Show potential job candidates that your nursery is one they would want to work for. Be vocal about your culture and beliefs on your job vacancy, or direct people to your website where they can find out more information about what your setting does. This will quickly allow people to judge whether they would be the right fit for the job.

5) Provide key information

Post the vacancy with key information, such as the contact details of the person who is responsible for recruiting for it. Make it easy for potential candidates to enquire about the job and send in their application. There’s nothing worse than seeing a job vacancy and not being able to find details of how to apply for it!

6) Post frequently

Frequency is the key to be able to amplify your message. Keep reposting the job vacancy on different days and at different times for maximum effect. You should think of your social media page like a TV channel: the more often you broadcast, the more likely the right person will see it and respond.

7) Be patient

Social media is a fantastic, cost-free way of being able to recruit for new staff but may still take time. When you try it for the first time, do not expect to be flooded with enquiries on Day 1. Be patient and keep your fingers crossed! That ideal candidate is only a click away…

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