The importance of parental involvement in supporting a child’s development is highlighted many times during the EYFS Framework, therefore it is vital for childcare settings to be proactive about exploring the ways they can strengthen their engagement with parents.

Investing in technology is the answer. Gone are the days when practitioners take up too much time to write in each child’s daily diary by hand. Dayshare allows your staff to update these records quickly and keep busy parents informed whilst on the go. The result is that your team can get back to providing more great childcare!

Here’s just some of the ways our software helps improve your partnership with parents:

1)      Share group activities quickly

Dayshare is an additional service to Abacus nursery management software and allows you to quickly update parents about their child’s activities in real time. You simply write a short description of what’s happening at the setting and Dayshare will add this to the record of every child in attendance.

2)      Personalise individual records

If you want to add personalised notes to a child’s record, Dayshare allows you to do this too. You can also make a comment or observation on a particular activity for an individual child. All this information is archived, so parents can request access to reports from any day.

3)      Keep track of  personal habits

Dayshare allows you to keep parents informed of details like how much their child has had to eat at lunch or the number of dirty nappies changed during the day. The report is sent to parents as an email for them to access, so if they have a smart phone they can see the information immediately.

4)      Flexible technology

Dayshare works across a variety of electronic devices including: PCs, Android Tablets, Macs and Ipads. This means that whatever technology your staff have access to, updating and sharing daily activities with parents is always quick and easy.

5)      Market your service

If you have invested in Dayshare as a tool to help communicate with parents, you should definitely advertise this on your website and as part of the service you offer. Using software to help improve your relationship with child’s main carers is something you will want to shout about. It may even be the single factor that sways parents to choose your nursery over another competitor’s!

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