Dayshare is dynamic and flexible childcare software used to capture the day’s activities. It creates detailed records for each child which can be emailed straight to main carers. Data is viewable for previous sessions, so you can go back over old records and see how a child has progressed over a period of time.

Who uses it?

Anyone in your childcare setting can use it, but it is most often used by childcare practitioners and key persons who want to capture and share a child’s activities with parents as they happen.

What does it do?

  • Update all children’s records with a group activity
  • Personalise an individual child’s record
  • Let parents know about upcoming events or unpaid invoices
  • Record what and how much a child has eaten
  • Record wet and soiled nappies
  • Record duration and frequency of naps
  • Send photos of the child to parents
  • Keep track of which carer is dropping off and picking up the child

How can it benefit your nursery?

Dayshare can benefit your nursery by giving it the edge over your competitors. This technology helps strengthen the link between nurseries and main carers by keeping them informed of their child’s day- to - day activities and key milestones in their development as they are happening.

To save time throughout the day, nurseries give their staff access to Android tablets or iPads so they can record activities on Dayshare. It is certainly much quicker and easier than writing in a child’s daily record book!

What’s more, parents don’t need to wait until they collect their child to find out what they have been up to, as updates can be sent to them throughout the day.

What makes it perfect for my setting?

Dayshare is intuitive and colourful – meaning anyone can pick it up and start using it straightaway without any prior knowledge or special training. The software can be programmed to show the daily activities and food choices which are unique to your setting alone.

Dayshare is perfect for your setting because it saves your staff members a lot of time during the day by not having to write everything down by hand; the result of which means that they can get back to providing more great childcare!


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