We carried out a recent survey to see what the biggest challenges nurseries faced today and 29% of the providers said that chasing late payments from parents was their greatest concern.

We understand that having good cash flow is critical to the success of all businesses; but mixing childcare and collecting money can be a tricky balance. Even the most well managed nurseries struggle to get right 100% of the time!

If at the end of every month, you start to worry about when (and if) parents will pay their fees, then we have the answer for you. Our fee collection service* collects payments from parents’ bank accounts on your behalf.

Using fee collection, parents pay you on time, every time so there is no shortfall when it comes to having to pay out the bills.

With fee collection, you can start to imagine a working life where:

  • There are no awkward conversations with parents about paying late
  • You don’t waste nursery resources chasing payments
  • There is less administration to take care of
  • You get support from our team if you have any issues
  • You don’t need to worry about getting paid on time
  • Problems with cash flow are a thing of the past!

Our service will help keep your relationship with parents healthy and give you the time back to focus your attention on providing great quality childcare.

But don’t take our word for it, give it a go today!

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