St Pauls Pre-school, part of St Paul’s Church in Fulfood, received a £500 grant from Winchester Round Table, so that a derelict corner of the church courtyard could be transformed into a new sensory garden designed to stimulate imagination and sensory development.

School bosses joined with parent volunteers to completely overhaul the area and make it somewhere in which the children could explore wildlife, make potions from herbs and call to each other down didgeridoos.

One volunteer, Siobhan Redican, said: "This previously neglected little corner of the community pre-school is now filled with the sounds of children laughing, playing and exploring.”

Children hide behind bamboo and other swishy grasses, have enthusiastic musical concerts at the sensory wall with up-cycled junk finds for instruments, make magic potions with edible fragrant herbs, and delight in pouring water, sand and pebbles along brightly coloured guttering valleys.”

“The children are only limited by their boundless imaginations.”

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