The strength of the relationship with your customers is the key to the long term success of your childcare business. Loyal customers are the cheapest, most effective form of marketing you can use and will help spread word of your service to others.

Therefore, getting customer service right really matters.

It is the responsibility of everyone that works at the nursery to make sure that customer service is a priority. All staff members should remember that it is parents who are paying their salary, so they need to behave with friendliness and courtesy towards them at all times.

Here are some tips you can share with your workforce:

  • Look up and smile whenever someone new walks through the door
  • Provide information to visitors in a pleasant manner, always remembering to smile
  • Say goodbye when newcomers or parents leave
  • Do not barge past new people in the nursery
  • Open doors to welcome visitors through
  • Answer the phone with a cheerful voice, and let the person on the other end know the name of the person they are speaking to.

You can help your staff understand just how important customer service is by calling a short team meeting whenever you find evidence of good practice. Make a point of saying the name(s) of the person(s) involved in the scenario and encourage everyone to applaud their efforts afterwards.

Some childcare settings find it helpful to create a customer service policy and give a copy of this to all employees, so they know what it is expected of them. It should contain information on how to greet and interact with visitors, the procedure for handling complaints and inquiries, as well as when to refer a difficult situation to a more senior member of staff.

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