New owners of a nursery in Fyfield have promised that the newly named Poppets Day Nursery will provide families with a personal touch. The new owners- a husband and wife team who live locally- also intend to keep existing staff on at the nursery.

One of the new proprietors, Mr Bessett, said:

"I think it makes a huge difference being independent and local,"

"It means that you have a personal and hands-on approach and you really care about what you are doing because you are looking after your friends' and neighbours' children.”

"Because we are so local, we very much want to integrate into the community."

For the Bessetts, this is a completely new venture with their childcare experience coming from raising their own three children.

Mr Bessett recently called time on a 23 year career in the navy, whilst Mrs Bessett worked as a guidance counsellor.  They have said they fell into their new venture completely by chance.

Mr Bessett explained: "About four years ago a friend of a friend was running a childminding business and the property she was running that from was going to be sold. She wanted to brave it and start her own nursery and needed backers, so we got into it through that."

They acted as silent partners for four years and now believe they have gained enough experience to venture out on their own, never thinking they would have the opportunity to so close to home.

"We were looking for somewhere stable as far away as Suffolk and Kent and couldn't find anywhere – then this came up half a mile from our door," said Mr Bessett.

"It's a three minute commute, which is fantastic."

The nursery building has 3 main rooms which will be split by age group and they have plans for an after school club as well as specialist activities for local children. They plan to be a lot more involved in the local community and have already put steps in place to achieve this, the first of which saw the children presenting groceries to the Harlow food bank.

Mr Bessett continued: "We are looking to have various events over the coming months and an open day nearer to Christmas and various Christmas events.”

"We will also have a website up and running shortly – poppetsnursery.co.uk."

How important is it to local communities to have settings that are involved?

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