If you already work in a setting as a team leader or a trainee team leader, this course will give you the essential skills you will need to bring out the best in the practitioners on your team.

By learning how to manage the personal performance of each individual, you can help your colleagues increase their confidence and become better practitioners. This will help them provide an enabling environment for every child in their care.

Here are 7 reasons to enrol today:

  • You will learn how to provide support for your team members to help resolve any individual issues which are stopping them giving their very best to children
  • You will gain a qualification which recognises your professionalism and commitment to helping others provide better childcare
  • You will benefit from a qualification which fits around your working hours, allowing you to prioritise the care of children above everything else
  • You will have the support of a personal tutor who will help your learning and give you the best chance of completing the course
  • You will gain a good understanding of how to communicate to be understood, rather than spending excessive time having to re-explain instructions to other practitioners
  • You can make the most of a course which adapts to suit your learning style and at a pace which fits easily with the demands of working at a childcare setting
  • You will learn how to find solutions to problems which are stopping your team from pulling together and providing the highest level of care to children

Taking this course goes hand in hand with striving to provide the best outcomes for children, by focusing on the personal development of the people who shape the future of the next generation every day.

Don’t delay in signing up for a qualification which can have such a positive impact on your future career and the wellbeing of your setting!

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