Busy Bees nursery in Daybrook arranged a “Laps for Lapland” trek which saw all of their youngsters take part in a sponsored walk around a local park dressed as elves, raising funds for When You Wish Upon a Star. This was   in aid of a Christmas trip for seriously ill youngsters.

The nursery raised more than £1,000 for the charity, and as a little treat they had a party at the nursery as a celebration and got to meet Santa Claus.

Manager of the nursery, Anna Allen, said:

“It has been a fantastic way to cap off our fundraising efforts.

“The kids have really enjoyed it and it means a lot to the parents because it’s a children’s charity.”

When You Wish Upon a Star chartered a flight – costing £90,000 – for 80 children with serious and life-threatening illnesses on Thursday.

“We knew that £900 was enough to send one child and their family on the trip and we wanted to be able to say we’d raised enough in Daybrook,” said Anna.

The charity has a personal significance for one of the mums, Alison Lacey:

“My first child was stillborn,” said Alison, of Somersby Road, Woodthorpe. “Luckily both my children – Emily and James – are healthy but it is horrible for any mother to lose a child.”

“The important thing is to create memories with them. Not only for the child, but for the parents too. I always try and think about the positives from my pregnancy. For them to go and meet Santa in Lapland must be a brilliant day for the families.”

One of the children that took part, Harry said: “I really enjoyed going to the park. It was frosty and looked like Christmas. Then I met Santa and I asked him for a Lightning McQueen [from Disney Pixar’s Cars 2] toy - which will go really fast.”

Is your setting taking part in any festive charity events? 

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