Little Ducks pre-school has been rated as ‘outstanding’ in its recent inspection. The examination last month saw the setting leap two grades from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘outstanding’.

The setting was praised for its leadership and management as well as the way that SEN children were supported.

The report also praised the relationship the setting has with parents. Owner Michelle Yarwood said;

"We were expecting to be good, maybe with some outstanding features. We have to do a self-evaluation that they look at and we put ourselves [outstanding] on one of three categories.

"We were pleased to get outstanding overall."

The Ofsted report also noted the way staff approach learning such as using frozen peas, jugs and containers that the youngsters can explore. Going on to say;

"They are immediately attracted to the bright green colour and a new and interesting activity. Staff support the children to scoop, pour and measure, to find out about quantity and volume. They learn how the peas become less cold and change from solid to squashy in their hands. They learn to share and take turns, promoting their personal, social and emotional development."

As well as this it noted that the 41 children the setting accommodates "thrive and are free to explore and use their imagination".

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