We know how important it is for messages from your setting to reach parents’ inboxes. With this in mind, we have put together a few points to help make sure that your emails are not accidentally blocked by parents’ email accounts.

You may not even realise that the way you compose an email can trigger the “spam” filter on some email providers like Googlemail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Spam is junk email that is usually sent to a group of people by scam companies looking to make money. Email accounts try to protect the account owner from suspicious emails by either blocking these messages or re-directing them to a Junk Folder.

However, there are some simple actions you can take the next time you put together an email to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

  • Do use spell check in all your emails
  • Do make sure that numbers and letters have spaces between
  • Do include text whenever you send images in an email
  • Do avoid using known spam trigger words like “Click here”
  • Don’t use exclamation marks excessively (like this!!!!!)
  • Don’t use bright red or green coloured fonts
  • Don’t put titles in your emails like "Pay now" or "Overdue"

Here’s some advice that you can pass on to parents so that their email accounts don’t block your messages:

There are several different ways that parents can change their email account settings to make sure that your messages reach their inbox. How they do this will vary though, depending on who their email account provider is.

The tips we have given here are for Googlemail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo! email accounts. If they have a different email account provider, they need only to look up the phrase “how to whitelist an email address” on the internet or contact their provider directly.

For Googlemail users:

1. Add our email address to your Contacts list
• Sign in to your account at Gmail.com
• Open your Contacts list by clicking Gmail in the top-left corner of your page, then choose Contacts
• Add our email address as a New Contact (dayshare@parenta.com)
• The information you add will be saved automatically

2. Mark our messages as safe to receive
• You will be able to see whether Gmail has marked our email as unsafe by checking in your spam folder
• To change this, click on the spam folder itself
• Search for emails containing our domain (parenta.com)
• Select all the emails shown
• Click More and then Not spam

(This includes Outlook, Windows Live Mail and MSN Mail)


For Hotmail users:

1. Add our email address to your Contacts list
• Sign in to your account at Hotmail.com
• Click on the box on the left hand corner of the screen
• Choose the People icon
• Click on New
• Add our email address to your Contacts list (dayshare@parenta.com)
• Click Save

2. Mark our messages as safe to receive
• Click the cog icon in the top-right corner and then Options
• Select Safe and blocked senders and then Safe senders
• Add our email address (dayshare@parenta.com) to the list of Safe senders


For Yahoo! Mail users:

1. Add our email address to your Contacts list
• Sign in to your account at Yahoo! Mail
• Click on Contacts on the left hand side of your screen
• Click Add New Contact
• Add our email address to your Contacts list (dayshare@parenta.com)
• Click Save

2. Create a filter for our email address
• Mouse over the Settings menu icon (a cog in the right hand corner) and select Settings
• Click Filters and then Add
• Enter a Filter Name (eg parenta)
• Under the From field, add our email address
• Select Inbox as the folder to deliver the email to
• Click Save and then click Save again


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