At the beginning of 2014, Millfield Community Nursery School was placed on special measures after it was found to be inadequate in most areas.

Ofsted inspectors have now said that the nursery school is improving.

The original inspection detailed a catalogue of issues including low staff morale, accidents not being reported accurately, and children with special education needs not being identified.

In a letter following the most recent inspection, it stated:

“Having considered all the evidence I am of the opinion that at this time the school is making reasonable progress towards the removal of special measures.”

“It is clear that children’s achievement is beginning to improve because the quality of teaching is improving. Children are now much more confident in planning what they are going to do during free choice sessions.”

“Skills in speaking and listening are improving as staff create more opportunities for children to discuss their views and interests.”

“Children who are disabled or who have special educational needs and those who speak English as an additional language are fully included in all the nursery has to offer. They receive specific, targeted support from specialist staff which is enabling them to improve their progress.”

The report has stated that there is now a much calmer and more purposeful atmosphere in the setting and children are able to concentrate with a lot less distractions.

It went on to say that behaviour of pupils is improving because there are higher expectations and more effective role models in place with levels of attendance improving as well.

Further notes stated: “Staff are much more aware of possible dangers and are more vigilant in ensuring children’s health and safety, for example, discussing with them what might happen if they run around indoors.”

The local authority has provided support throughout the year with an Early Years Support and Intervention Officer supplying weekly leadership and support.

How important is it for settings to receive the support required to improve?

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