There’s no doubt that the internet is becoming increasingly important to the way we socialise, work, and purchase services. Today, 96% of households with children have access to the internet. This means that to make your setting presence known, your website needs to appear when parents look for a childcare provider on search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Purchasing methods are changing

Research suggests that 90% of 25-34 year olds buy goods or services online, meaning searching for a childcare service in the local area is no longer something that parents turn to the Yellow Pages to track down. And, with the average age of the typical mother in the UK between 27 and 29 years of age, knowing how to market your setting to this age group will hold the key to your service becoming sustainable.

Just having a website as a marketing tool is a great start, but you make much more people aware of what you do by making sure that your site can be accessed easily on mobile devices, too.

More than value for money

In the past, you may have advertised your service in a local newspaper which can cost £250 or more for a quarter page, for one week only. In terms of value, advertising doesn’t give you much bang for your buck and may only make your setting memorable to those parents that actually have time to read the local paper.

Compare this with a website, which is like having your own team to market your nursery 24/7. Nursery websites bring in leads which represent on average over £50,000 if the child stays at your setting for five years.

...That’s £10,800 every year in revenue!

Communicating with parents

A website is like having a member of staff who works for you 365 days a year to take enquiries and communicate your message with the world. A real member of staff would cost thousands of pounds a year to do the same job at your setting.

What’s more - routine tasks like booking in showrounds become much easier when you have an online presence. You can also receive emails about people who’ve filled in forms on your site when your nursery is normally closed.

Strengthening your partnership

Every childcare practitioner knows the importance of building a strong relationship with the parents of the children you’re caring for. A website can serve as a platform to keep parents updated with things like:

  • upcoming activities at your setting
  • testimonials from other parents
  • links to your social media pages
  • letting parents know about closure days
  • your setting’s policies and procedures

There are few tools that could offer your setting as many benefits as a website. Having an online presence will give you such advantages as increasing your occupancy rate, supporting your communication with parents and getting more feedback about your service, to name a few! In fact, in today’s competitive childcare market, you’d be barking mad not to have a website...

If you have been thinking about building a website for a while, but never had the time or capacity to do it, now is a great time to get the ball rolling.

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