On Friday, police from Cleveland confirmed that a 3 year old had walked out of his nursery and to his home. In a statement, they said:

“We were informed that a three-year-old old boy had left the nursery called Little Owls in Newham Bridge on Tuesday, February 3, at 3.30pm, and made his way home.

“The incident was referred to Middlesbrough Council.”

Since then, the nursery has released an official statement explaining the situation.

Kate Murphy, manager at Little Owls, said the following:

“This was an unfortunate incident which we are happy to explain and which, thankfully for all, has a happy ending. At about 3.30pm on Tuesday, February 3 – the end of the school day - a member of staff was in the playground with a group of five children, taking them to the after school play group. One boy then ran into a crowd of other children and then out of sight. The alarm was raised in the playground and when he couldn’t be located the police were called and fortunately he was located very quickly.”

“The boy’s family have been entirely understanding of what happened and we are grateful that they have assured us of their confidence in ourselves and continue to send the child to the nursery. We are always looking at all our safeguarding procedures and policies and will be working with Ofsted and Middlesbrough Council in order that we always have best practices in place.”

The council have released the following statement, after the police referred the incident to them.

“The matter was referred to us and has been looked into by the authority’s Early Years team who are satisfied that there are no ongoing safeguarding issues to be addressed with regard to this issue. However, we are in regular contact with the playgroup and are happy to provide any advice or assistance they may require.”

How important is it to be open and honest about a situation like this, as this nursery has done?

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