Fetcham Village Pre-school is celebrating after a report published by Ofsted praises the setting for its teaching and sense of community and for its pupils' behaviour and achievement.

In a report that sees the setting achieve  ‘outstanding’, the education watchdog praises the staff for providing a safe and engaging learning environment for the 30 pupils, who are aged between two and eight.

Lead inspector Janet Thouless writes in the report:

"Staff are passionate about their job roles,"

"They have great enthusiasm and commitment towards their professional development.”

"Qualified and experienced staff act as mentors to those less qualified, providing excellent role models. This continuously improves the quality of teaching.”

"Staff place a very high priority on children's safety and well-being. They are secure in their knowledge of the procedures to follow should they have any concerns about a child's welfare."

Operating on the grounds of Fetcham Village Infant School, inspectors observed activities and the quality of staff interaction in all rooms as well as the outdoor learning environment.

As well as observations, inspectors met with staff of the setting and interviewed parents of children who attended.

The report also states: "Children thrive in this vibrant and nurturing pre-school where they display a sense of belonging and confidence.”

"They arrive happy because they enjoy secure, trusting relationships with staff who treat them with care and affection. As a result, children are very confident and active learners.”

"Children's behaviour is excellent because they learn about the expected levels of behaviour from the positive role modelling of staff. Children benefit from outdoor learning in all weathers, promoting their physical and emotional wellbeing.”

"Children's independence skills are promoted exceptionally well at snack times. They learn how to keep themselves safe with the exceptional support from the staff."

This is a step up from the ‘good’ they received in their previous inspection!

Great work Fetcham Village Pre-school!

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