Hundreds of people gathered in Pontypridd town centre, Wales, to protest over nursery education cuts proposed by Rhondda Cynon Taf council.

The local authority is scrapping free full-time nursery care for children aged 3 from September onwards in a hope to save £2.16m a year.

The new system will see children aged 3 offered free part-time nursery care but nothing in terms of free full-time education until they reach the age of 4.

Raising the age will bring Rhondda Cynon Taf council in line with other councils around Wales, yet the changes have not been well received.

The protest was organised by Parents Against the Cuts to Education in RCT, who organised a similar rally last year, with one member stating that the protest would raise awareness for parents in the area who were still unaware of the cuts.

She said:

“The legal challenge is probably the only thing to stop this now. If it goes like last year the judge could... bring a halt to the proceedings.”

“The judge said last year education care in a particular area has to be specific to that area.”

She continued saying that a key plank to their legal success last year was the difficulty in child care provision, both in its availability and cost.

“We can’t steam roll with this in September when you know there’s insufficient child care. The council is trying to steam roll on a time scale that isn’t possible.”

Does the timescale provide enough time for parents to find suitable alternate childcare?

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