Claire Thomson, author of a new children’s cookbook “The 5 o’clock Apron” thinks children should establish a diet that is along the same lines as an adults. With not a fish finger or a potato smiley in sight, Claire has a Twitter page which she uses to share photos of the meals she prepares for her family each evening.

As a mum of three young daughters, Claire knows how difficult it can be to get children to eat: “Feeding children food they don’t want to eat is one of life’s most frustrating, time consuming and head bangingly awful tasks.”

She adds: “I want my kids to eat their way around the world, albeit on a metaphorical food journey, and all the while sat nicely at the kitchen table.”

Claire says that it is important to make vegetables an integral part of mealtimes, rather than a sad little heap on the side. Other tricks to incorporate a variety of flavour into meals include adding cinnamon to tomato sauce to sweeten it, and encouraging children to customise their food with lemon wedges, nuts and herbs.

Claire and her husband, a New Zealand chef, recently cooked up a storm at the couple’s restaurant in Bristol called “Flinty Red” and invited some very special guests. On the menu was pink rhubarb cordial, chicken paella with saffron and rose-flavoured ice cream. And the patrons? Two dozen children, from toddler age to 11 years old.

Claire adds: “Nothing could excite me less than a lifetime of suppers where mince is the mainstay and a fork the only necessary tool.”

What do you think of Claire’s approach to feeding her children “adult” dishes?

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