Noah’s Nursery in Harwich has collected £200 for four-year-old Jack William’s Labrador puppy. The pup is a special autism dog that helps those diagnosed with the condition to develop social interaction skills, trust and reduce anxiety.

Jack was diagnosed with autism last year, and his parents learnt about Autism Dogs4Life after attending a show at the Excel in London and heard about Diagnostic Dynamics.

The nursery raised the funds to purchase a dog harness by producing a CD with the children who attend their nursery singing on it. They also arranged  a guess the name of the dog competition.

Jack’s mum, Hayley, said:“I cried [when I heard about the fundraising]. It is such a lovely thing to do – they all want to help. I just thought it was wonderful. “

Find out more about autism dogs at diagnostic-dynamics.com/autism-life-dogs.

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