You, You, You!

After your child is born, the first food for you is rest. You should ideally only get up and do things if you feel you can spare the energy. So, particularly during the first 40 days, you should have people looking after you, cooking for you, doing the shopping and cleaning the house.

You should preferably not just rely on your partner, especially if (s)he is working. You’ll both need time together during those initial days. Ideally, you should have people dropping by every day (or stay over if you have a bed/sofa to put them up) to help out. Start preparing at least six to eight weeks before the birth is due. Remember, even friends and relatives who are willing to come and give a helping hand have busy schedules.

Your milk

Whether you choose to breast feed or not, your need to revitalise your body. For those who opt for breast feeding, try and have frequent small snacks or 6 meals a day, and drink two large glasses of water around breast feeding. Breast milk is a super concentrate of what you feed your body. Since everything you eat is absorbed in highly concentrated form by your child, you may seriously think about preparing organic food, if you are not already doing so. You may not realise that eating parsley and sage inhibits lactation. Avoid spicy food too, for the sake of your baby’s digestion.

Your baby

Did you know that you give your baby a three course meal in half an hour of breast feeding? The first ten minutes your milk is more liquid and sugary (foremilk), followed by lipids (fats), followed by proteins (hind milk). That is why you should make sure you leave your baby for 30 minutes on the same breast. So, try not to alternate breasts before time has lapsed, that way your baby gets the full menu!

And a final tip, did you know that when it is time for your baby to discover non-milky food, you can test if your baby is allergic to the food you give it, by introducing one element at the time, and waiting for four days to check if it does not irritate the bum and genitalia?

About the author

Dr Vinca Bigo, Cambridge PhD, is passionate about making the power of food work for people’s happiness, and helps people become food wise. She is also a qualified Kundalini Yoga instructor, and a certified applied numerology consultant.

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