The ability for children to be creative is directly enhanced by the world around them. As part of a child’s learning journey, practitioners need to provide a stimulating and encouraging environment for children to explore their creativity.

The EYFS states that promoting creativity in children will:

  • Support children to become independent
  • Support children to problem solve
  • Support children to take a sense of pride

Carrying out creative activities will allow children to express their feelings and develop confidence when they interact with different textures and materials from the world around them. Through simple tasks like cutting and sculpting play dough, children can also refine their motor skills.

Whilst traditional forms of painting and drawing has its place in a childcare setting, it should not be over- relied upon as a means for children to express their creativity.  Have you considered that there doesn’t always need to be an “end product” when being creative?  Simply the experience of doing an activity will have benefits for the child. For example, taking part in creative dance helps fire up children’s imaginative thinking, as well as developing their co-ordination and balance skills.

As a childcare practitioner, you shouldn’t feel pressured into carrying out the same play activities day after day. Steer away from the need to always “make” something that the child can take home for parents to see, as there may well be much more beneficial activities that your children can take part in to explore their individual creativity.

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