A rocking horse was stolen from outside Debenham Roundabout Pre-school, which had been part of the setting for 20 years!

The horse, named ‘Pete the Painted Pony’, had been part of the pre-school for 20 years, and had recently been renovated by a family as a leaving present after their son moved up to primary school.

Jane Jordan, who helped with the renovations, said:

“We turned him from boring, brown, tatty nag into a smart painted pony who is unique and very much loved by all the children and staff.”

“Due to many years of play, he was a bit rickety with a few ‘health and safety’ issues so my partner Brian Cox rebuilt his rocking mechanism, replaced the treads and renewed his saddle.”

“Myself, our daughter Polly, 11, son Leo, five, and our niece Heather sanded him smooth, repainted him and gave him a new mane, tail and head collar.”

“We are all very angry someone has stolen him. Both of our children are very upset and angry and many tears were shed when we told them he had been taken.”

“Nothing else was taken, just the horse which leads us to believe that whoever took him, knew he was there!”

“Thieving from the children is just the lowest, most despicable thing – it is a sad reflection of society.”

Fiona Norris, pre-school leader, said at first it was thought the committee had moved him but it came to light later that this was not the case.

She said: “The horse was so loved by all the children and he was such an important part of our

“He has been at our pre-school longer than me and I’ve been leader for 19 years – many people who live in Debenham remember him fondly from their own days at Roundabout or their children’s
pre-school days.”

“We are all so very sad and angry that someone could be so heartless to steal from a charity that looks after young children. Please let us know if you see a horse like ours advertised anywhere. Let’s hope he can be found soon.”

Police believe at least 2 people and a vehicle would have been needed to remove the horse and anyone with information is asked to call PC Barry Abbott from Stowmarket Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101 quoting crime reference number ST/15/1223.

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