A preschool in St Albans received the highest possible grading from Ofsted and threw a little gathering to celebrate their success. The regulatory body turned up unannounced at Old London Road Preschool and were impressed with what they found.

To celebrate, more than 100 family members attended a picnic in the garden of the scout hut where the preschool is based; staff member Janet Audley-Charles said:

“The team work tirelessly to achieve the highest level of care and education and we feel this was acknowledged with the ‘outstanding’ result. We are delighted!”

The setting was assessed on how well it met the needs of the children and how they contribute to children’s wellbeing and the effectiveness of leadership and management.

The report, released by Ofsted, states that staff “plan very interesting activities”, are “very welcoming and display strong bonds with children and parents” and “expertly involve parents in children’s education”.

It goes on to say how they “skilfully introduce children to healthy lifestyles” and praises them for nutritious snacks and outstanding experiences outside, aiding their physical development.

Audley-Charles was recognised for being “inspirational and passionate about educating and caring for children”, with the inspector explaining that children’s outcomes are highly promoted, thanks to her strong culture of reflective practice.

How important is a strong leader in a childcare setting in terms of success and a child’s development?

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