Think of the superheroes you looked up to as a child and you’ll recognise one key trait which they all possess - even if their superpowers were different. That trait is selflessness - also known as the ability to put other’s needs before your own. Having a selfless personality is a key when working in childcare, but we’ve also found many other striking similarities between childcare practitioners and superheroes!

1. Staying calm under pressure

Batman doesn’t break a sweat when Gotham city needs rescuing from the Joker, and you won’t crumble when the pressure’s on, either! With 5 children under the age of 5 to look after, you have the ability to stay calm no matter what the day throws at you.

2. Lightening quick reflexes

Just like Spiderman, your spider senses tingle when danger is imminent. Child about to walk headfirst into a table or take a tumble? You already know what’s about to happen and you’re there in a flash – helping to steer them away from a nasty accident.

3. Hulk-like strength

A 10 month old toddler weighs on average 9 kilograms: that’s like carrying 3 heavy bricks on your hip!  Lifting and holding up children all day long has given you super human strength without your even realising. Move over, the Hulk!

4. Reassuring panicking parents

“Don’t worry Mrs Jones, I’ll get your cat out of that tree” is possibly not something you’d say to a parent, but you’re one of the few people that can set aside the worries of anxious mums or dads about leaving their child in the care of someone else.

5. Saving lives

Many childcare practitioners opt to learn first aid skills so they can work safely in a childcare environment. If, heaven forbid, a baby starts to choke or have a serious reaction to sting, you swoop in and know exactly what to do!

6. Making a difference

90% of a child’s brain develops in the years from birth to age 5. Therefore, how you choose to support children in the Early Years has a lasting impact upon their future personality, intellect and social skills. You might not know it, but you make a whole world of difference!

Childcare practitioners, we salute you. You are role models, risk assessors and life savers. You are everyday heroes, whose actions and encouraging words have an astounding effect on the future development of the children in your care. Society is indebted to you.

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