Providing high quality childcare is a daily challenge for the 18,000 nurseries in England today. Between having to tackle free entitlement funding, rising business costs and late payments from parents – becoming a successful childcare provider takes much more than being great at childcare! In fact, the key to being sustainable starts with having a better overall picture of how your business is performing.

Abacus has over 80 reports which include financial, occupancy, attendance and staffing information. This means that you can quickly identify any issues in your childcare business and take steps to resolve them before they threaten the long term success of your provision.

Here’s a sample of what our award winning management software can do for your setting!

Occupancy reporting

  • Produce a weekly occupancy report so you know where you have space that can be filled, by room and age band
  • Keep an eye on the occupancy opportunities report so you realise where you have space for a child without needing to increase your staffing

Free entitlement reporting

  • Create a free entitlement headcount report to provide information for your LEA to make sure you are given the correct amount of money for FE
  • Take a look at the eligibility report so you can see who is coming up to being eligible for FE and make sure every child is set up to receive this

Finance reporting

  • Track your finances with an aged balance report to give you an overview of who owes what and for how long
  • See a payment receipt report, enabling you to track what payments have already been received, including voucher payments

Staff reporting

  • Check the holiday report so that you can easily keep track of the number of days your staff have booked off during the year
  • Produce a staff rota report so you can see which rooms staff are allocated to and how many children you have against the number of staff actually booked

With so many great benefits for your childcare business and access to key reports at the touch of a button, what’s stopping you from investing in management software to track your setting’s performance in every area?

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