Nursery closed after girl was missing for more than an hour without staff noticing


Milton Mount Playgroup in Crawley has been closed by Ofsted after staff failed to realise that a 3 year old girl had been missing for over an hour. The setting has been closed while the education watchdog investigates the incident further.

The 3 year old girl wandered off and was missing for what was said to be around 80 minutes before staff realised she was gone.

The young escape artist managed to climb a 3 ft fence and was spotted in a nearby park with a lake by a member of the public, who informed police of the lost child.

Staff at the childcare setting only realised that the young girl was missing when police arrived at the setting. At this time the young tot was handed to her worried grandmother who had arrived to collect her.

Ofsted have now closed the setting whilst they investigate the incident. A spokesperson for the setting said:

“Children’s safety is of paramount importance and we will work with Ofsted to correct any concerns.”



One thought on “Nursery closed after girl was missing for more than an hour without staff noticing

  • May 26, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    This is the correct action by Ofsted but here’s the Question: why do private childcare settings get closed down immediately whenever there’s a serious incident or lost child as in the above case or worse still some form of abuse but when the same events happen in a school setting there may be an investigation or internal review of procedures where they come out with the usual statement “we are going to learn by this and have acted by ensuring we produce robust procedures” but that’s where it ends – shouldn’t schools be closed down as well? or would that make schools work to the same standards as nursery’s?


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