According to a report published by the Office for National Statistics, over three quarters of adults in Great Britain used the internet every day (76%) in 2014, with almost 7 out of every 10 adults using a mobile phone, portable computer or handheld device to access the Internet “on the go”.

Knowing that the internet has changed the way people search for information and local services, you’d think that having a nursery website would allow easy access to a demographic of parents who are looking for a childcare provider. And, you’d be half right – you do need a website to make yourself known to these parents but crucially: your website needs to be mobile device compatible.

That’s right – it needs to be accessible to parents on their mobile phones and tablets!

In an age where people expect everything to work at the click of a button, how frustrating is it for a busy parent who visits your website and has to wait 5-10 seconds for it to load on her phone? What does it say about your setting if, once she has waited so patiently for your website to load, that she can’t access certain pages or find the information she is desperately looking for?

In fact, if your website is taking too long to load on a mobile device, you could be losing 4 out of 10 visitors! This is because, according to a marketing site called Kissmetrics, a whopping 40% of users will abandon a website when it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So, what can you do to keep to make sure parents stay on your nursery website and find exactly what they’re looking for?

  • Make sure your website can be viewed on mobile and tablet devices
  • Check to see if there’s any broken links on your pages
  • Ensure your main pages like “Contact Us” are easy to navigate to
  • Test the loading speed of your website
  • Ask for parents’ honest feedback on their experience of using your website
  • Consider buying a more up-to-date website which is mobile compatible

Have you thought about getting a new website for your setting which is mobile friendly? 

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