Swadlincote Pre-school has impressed Ofsted and been rated as “good” with some outstanding features.

This latest inspection sees the setting go up a grade after they were rated as “requires improvement” in April of last year. Denise Bennett, manager at the setting, was thrilled with the latest results saying:

"Hard work, commitment and dedication has given us this fantastic result.”

"We were disappointed with last year's grading but the staff have worked so hard to turn that around."

The outdoor space was marked as “needing improvement” and the latest inspector noted the changes that had been made, saying:

"Children now have greater access to a wider range of resources, extended opportunities for outdoor play and less routine interruptions during their play,"

The quality of teaching was rated as at least good, with the report noting, “Opportunities for staff to share teaching practices with one another are not yet in place.”

Staff have, however, now received in-house training to help develop children’s thinking skills. The report also noted some outstanding features such as parental involvement and an extensive library which enables parents to facilitate further learning at home.

Staff at the setting were also praised for making children’s emotional well-being a priority, with the inspector going on to say:

"Staff use lots of mathematical language with the children during activities, developing children's understanding of number, size and capacity.”

"Consequently, children develop many skills which will support their learning."

Children are described as “happy and confident”.

The inspector also highlighted good staff knowledge of safeguarding procedures and know how to protect children from harm.

The inspector said: "This is underpinned by comprehensive policies and procedures.”

"Consequently, children's health and well-being is very well promoted."

Further changes at the setting included a cafe-style snack area.

Nursery manager, Mrs Bennett, added: "Thank you to all the staff for sticking with us. We are ecstatic with the latest finding and will continue to work hard to become a better provision."

The pre-school is not yet outstanding as “not all areas of the provision are promoting children's learning to their fullest potential”.

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